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QR (Quick Response) Codes

What is it.
A QR code is a two-dimensional code that depict data in a square that is made up of black and white dots. QR codes contain textual information or URLs that direct users to sites on the Internet. In order to read the information contained in a QR code, you will need two items: mobile camera phone and decoding software. Software applications are available as free downloads or for purchase.

How do I read a QR code?
You will need a mobile camera phone that has QR code reader software. You can download a free scanner by navigating to on your mobile phone. Aim your cell phone camera toward the QR code and the program will scan the image. The software interprets the code and the cell phone will either display a text message or ask you to launch a specific web page.

How do you generate a QR code?
You will need a QR code generator which can be found free at the bottom of this page and other places online. Users enter in the data that needs to be translated and the generator creates the code. The code can be used in printed materials or presented electronically.

Put QR Codes to Work

Here are a few ways that you can use QR codes to spruce up your small business marketing strategies.

On business cards: A fast and simple way to use QR codes for your own professional purposes is to place them on business cards. Generate a barcode that directs scanners to your company website, small business Facebook Page, get directions to your shop, or any other website to help new contacts find you or your business faster.

On marketing materials: You've got fliers, brochures, programs, handouts, whitepapers and a myriad of other materials in your media kit. Add QR codes to direct viewers to a particular how-to video, send them to a Flickr photo set, get them to follow you on Twitter, or point them to a mobile-friendly landing page that promotes a new campaign. For inspiration, check out what the Detroid Red Wings did with QR codes in their arena programs.
In storefront windows: Google is sending out QR code window decals to top local businesses with Google Place Pages. If they don't send you one, give us a call and we can print one for you for FREE. to place in your window. You can use this code to encourage Fousquare checkins, point scanners to your Yelp profile, or simply invite customers to share memories in photo, video or text form via Stickybits.

For freebies: If you really want people to pay attention to your QR codes, make them good for something fun. Say you've placed a QR code decal in your storefront window, why not reward those who scan it with 10 percent off their purchase or a free pastry? Give them something small to thank them for their patronage. Simply create a custom QR code for the freebie you want to offer. You could even get creative and hide the QR code offers online, like on your Facebook page or website, or somewhere inside your store.Additional ideas QR codes can be used to enhance your product or business could be:

Product Details
Contact Information
Sales or Promotions
Event Details
You tube videos
Web site
Social Networking – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

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